Tuesday , August 22 2017
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Spanish-American chef criticises Trump at Clinton rally

Washington: Hillary Clinton was joined at her election rally in Tampa by popular Spanish-American chef Jose Ramon Andres, who slammed her Republican rival Donald Trump for his remarks on immigrants.

Clinton said Andres was asked by the Trump organisation to start a restaurant at the new Trump International Hotel in Washington DC, but refused.

“After Jose heard the kinds of things that Donald Trump was saying about immigrants, he said, no I refuse to open a restaurant in that hotel,” Clinton said.

Andres said that for immigrants like him, to be an American is a privilege.

“That conveys not only rights, but responsibilities. And our responsibility, my responsibility is to speak up,” he said as he asked people to support Clinton in the election.

Andres said Trump was soemone who stood for hatred and division.

“Someone talks about making America great again. What? Who are you? Where you come from? Where have you been? Look around you. Maybe he (Trump) skipped US history class, I don’t know,” he said.