Friday , August 18 2017
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Spice Jet flight took off leaving the passengers in Goa

Panaji: A SpiceJet flight number SG172 took off without informing the passengers on Friday and left them grounded with their luggage.

Fourteen passengers coming from Chennai had to take their connecting flight. An argument happened between the Spice Jet staff and the passengers, Huffington post reported.

A passenger informed the goa police about the incident. However, the staff already arranged for their travel through another flight at 5:45 pm.

The flight which was supposed to reach Goa was delayed due to technical issues when fourteen passenger had to take their connecting flight, it already departed.

Another such incident happened when Spice Jet did not let a passenger board the flight, nor he was returned the money for his booked ticket on April 21, 2015. The passenger showed his e-ticket but staff asked for the hard copy, resulting in which he missed his flight.

A warrant was issued against its managing director for not reimbursing the ticket’s money and neglecting the inconvenience caused to the passenger by Spice jet.