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Spider toxin analogue can help in treating pain

Spider toxin analogue can help in treating pain

Washington: Researchers have recently found that a compound based on a spider toxin may be effective for treating pain.

Experiments conducted in rats revealed that the compound, called PnPP-19, provided pain relief most likely by acting on receptors in the nervous system that also bind opioids and cannabis (or marijuana).

Interestingly, PnPP-19 is also being studied as a drug candidate to treat erectile dysfunction.

Lead author Dr. Maria de Lima said their findings revealed that at least part of the mechanism of action underlying the pain relieving effects induced by PnPP-19.

Dr. Lima added that they also may contribute to the consideration of PnPP-19 as a potential lead compound for the development of new drug candidates to treat pain.

The study has been published in the British Journal of Pharmacology. (ANI)