Wednesday , August 23 2017
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Srihari, Rajender to present budget Likely to propose Rs 1.25 lakh cr to Rs 1.40 lakh cr

Deputy Chief Minister Kadiam Srihari will present budget for 2016-17 fiscal in Legislature Council on Monday at 11.35 am. Similarly Finance Minister Etala Rajender will present the same in Legislature Assembly at the same time which is a different from routine and will have many specialties. The budget could be around Rs 1.25 lakh cr  to Rs 1.40 lakh cr which includes major share of plan expenditure and lower share of non-plan expenditure. In a reverse order, the plan expenditure may be pegged at Rs 75,000 cr to Rs 80,000 cr while the non-plan expenditure may be put at Rs 50,000cr to Rs 60,000 cr and a bit more and allocation may increase accordingly based on proposals made. Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, who has participated in the preparations and involved the officials, is keen on coming out with a different budget that will have proper allocations to priority sectors like agriculture, irrigation, education, health, welfare and flagship programs. This time it is likely that the government is to announce in the budget session on KG to PG scheme that is attracting criticism for delay.

Buoyed with growing revenues the government is keen on presenting a special budget with facts that means it will not comprise any sort of jugglery of numbers. According to information the budget will have major allocation of funds for plan expenditure while non-plan expenditure will get a fewer allocation of the funds. As it was stated by the finance minister the proposals are need based and will keep in good humour all the sectors including business and industry and people. (NSS)