Saturday , August 19 2017
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State government to help farmers in choosing the right crop

Picture Courtesy: Deccan Chronicle

Hyderabad: TRS president, K. Chandrashekhar Rao has disclosed a plan on Friday regarding a systematic cultivation to be done in Telangana. A report of Deccan Chronicle stated that the federation will be set up at district, village and state level.

Under this plan, farmers will be directed to sow certain types of crop in their area. Due to a different quality and texture of soil in all the areas, the government will help the farmers to know more about crop rotation.

This method of farming is believed to improve the yield, resulting in a relief for the farmers. If certain crop needs less water, it will be sowed in water deficit region.

The federation will also provide the seeds worth 500 crores to save the farmers from merciless traders. The state government has agreed to give Rs 1 or 2 per tonne to the seed traders.

Mr Rao also told that to ensure farmers get an optimal price, they will not sell their produce individually. The government will set a fixed price which traders will have to be agreed upon.