Saturday , August 19 2017
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State Govt fixes Bahubali ticket rates

With the hype caused before the release of Telugu movie Bahubali-II and the ticket rates hiked in the State, the State government, Bahubali team and distributors have set the ticket rates.


With the Bahubali-II movie getting special permissions from the two Telugu States, the theater managements and some online booking sites have tried to cash in the craze. After huge response from the common audiences, the final rates are fixed in the two Telugu States. The Rs 70 ticket will be sold for Rs 100, Rs 90 ticket for Rs 150 and so on. However, the multiplex tickets are sold out for Rs 200 each. All these rates will be continued for the first week of its release. The canceled benefit shows were compensated with the added shows in a day. The movie will be screened six times a day bringing huge profits.

The movie’s world’s first premiere will be screened in Mumbai tomorrow with all the celebrities across the country. (NSS)