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Stop talking about periods behind closed door: Kareena

Stop talking about periods behind closed door: Kareena

New Delhi : In the developing world, menstruation is a subject best swept under the rug and now, in an attempt to break the taboo of periods, Kareena Kapoor Khan has called on people to talk more openly about it.

“I’d like to see this issue being talked about in the media, on websites, not behind closed doors,” said the 35-year-old actress while attending an event called ‘Celebrating Menstrual Hygiene for all Girls, for all Women’ in Lucknow on Saturday.

Further, questioning the conventional thought about chumming women, the ‘Ki and Ka’ actress said, “God created this, periods are natural. So, how can we say women are impure during their periods?”

“I have a 30 days schedule in a month. We do not stop working but use the right products, keep healthy and clean. Why should others, especially girls, be termed dirty or compelled to miss school?” she added.

Kareena was all praise for young girls, who are promoting menstrual health and hygiene in the Uttar Pradesh, under UNICEF’s ‘Garima’ project.

“I’m speaking from the heart today. Seeing so many girls smiling, doing good work has made me happy,” she said. (ANI)