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Storm likely to hit Oman

Storm likely to hit Oman

Muscat: Oman and Yemen are expecting storms likely by next week according to a meteorologist at who says that there can be showers and storms in Oman.

“With some help from the major fluctuation in tropical weather scattered showers and storms can return to Yemen and Oman later next week. Exact timing is a bit uncertain but likely not until around the 24th this month at the earliest,” Jason Nicholls, a senior meteorologist at said.

“It is not a tropical cyclone bringing the threat of rain it is somewhat an extension of South West Monsoon expanding. Several models show rain chances. However, models differ on timing. We are talking nearly two weeks out. It is very hard to nail down details that far in advance,” the meteorologist added.

Presently Muscat is gripped by a sweltering heat wave, while on the others side residents in Salalah are enjoying cool weather.

Last Sunday in Muscat the temperature hovered around 46 to 47, while the temperature in Suwaiq was recorded at 50 degree Celsius, in many other places it hovered around 49 degree Celsius. According to global meteorologists, temperatures have risen on average around 1.5°C (2.7°F).