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Stray dogs guard abandoned infant at Howrah station, while “Humans” RIP!

Stray dogs guard abandoned infant at Howrah station, while “Humans” RIP!

Kolkata: Four legged saviours guarded an abandoned six months girl at one of the busiest railway stations in the country. The infant was left on a bench with a bag of diapers and other essentials along with a half filled milk bottle at Howrah station. The faithful creatures hovered around for hours in her defence.

The passersby came and went without paying any heed towards the child. They might have assumed one of the few dozen women around could be her mother. Seeing a pack of dogs hovering at the place, an RPF constable approached them, reports Indian Express.

To his surprise, he saw the dogs guarding the little baby. He immediately alerted the RPF booth at the station and soon officers rushed to help the child.

Taking charge of the situation, Inspector Mihir Das and his team rescued the baby and shifted her to the hospital for examination. Later she was handed over to members of Childline.

Das ruled out that it was not a case of child-trafficking, but a well-planned move to abandon the child.
Earlier, in November 2016, four dogs sat in guard when a 7-day-old girl was left in a dumpster. The four protectors patiently waiting for help and saved the baby from attacks by crows and did not leave her side till she was rescued.