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Style your `girl squad` for ultimate summer look

Style your `girl squad` for ultimate summer look

New Delhi : After a busy day and a stressful week, sometimes the most effective way to relax is by spending quality time with your friends. Your girl gang is your ‘closest’ and also your ‘closet’ confidant.

You can take your dressing to the peak of its game with your squad. But the best part of a girl squad is embracing its diversity where each member plays a distinct role in a different style.

There are no two women alike in this world and your gang of girls is the best example of the same. There will be a girl who is sporty while another would be dainty and then there would be a sharp dresser, so on and so forth.

Sonal Abrol, COO, Saiesta, India’s premier e-tail studio for women, lists down the key trends to keep in mind for the ultimate girl squad look this summer.

1. The Fashionista

She is the “Miss Fabulous” who loves shopping, pretty dresses and all the latest designer trends. She ticks the check box correctly with her trendy jumpsuits and chic body con dresses. She almost always wears high heels and make up, and never gets caught having the just-woken-up, straight outta bed look. People swear by her style as she leads the way in fashion and always knows what’s in style months before everyone else does. Well, it is great to have someone so cutting edge stylish for company until she starts to throw out some of your favourite clothes in an attempt to make your style edgier.

2. The Straight-A Student

She is the think tank of the group who is smart and rather genuine. You are lucky to have her as she has an opinion about almost anything and is always there to advice you when needed. Her style is fresh, clean and slightly nerdy. She often steals the show in her classic polo shirts, bright T-shirts and skater dresses. However, she peps up her everyday look by adding simple accessories such as statement shoes and bags.

3. The Tomboy Chic

This member of your gang doesn’t believe in wearing make-up or anything blingy. She can make her over-sized jacket, baggy tops and distressed jeans look classy with her inherent sense of confidence to pull off whatever she wears. She does not want her style to be branded masculine or feminine, just hip and laid back. Her favourite cuts are boxy and she can literally live in her numbered T-shirts.

4. The Ethnic Beauty

She is culturally rooted and has her head on her shoulders. She is a good listener among your friends, and she always knows the right things and when to say them. Her style remains true to comfort with shorts, loose trousers in earthy colors and traditional Indian prints like Ikat, Tie & Dye and Block prints. She loves to mix and match elements of India and the West to make a bold statement. She adds finesse to her look with large statement accessories such as necklaces, rings and jhumkas. And her favourite look is sans make-up with a hint of kajal and a bindi. Her elegant ethnic style can make heads turn when she walks into the room.

5. The Party Animal

She is the life of your night outs and someone who can lift up your spirits by her smile alone. She is extremely attractive and announces her presence with her killer outfits, metallic crop tops, short blingy dresses and a lot of drama. She loves her red pout and her high heels on which she can dance all night.

6. The Drama Queen

This member of your girl squad has the attention span of a one month old and its never boring to be around her with all her emotional roller coaster rides. She can be full of energy one minute and and the next minute she can be going through a heart break and this vibrancy reflects in her style. She is filmy to the core and Bollywood fashion is her bible which she solemnly swears by. In fact, just like her moods, her style keep on changing from a super hit movie to the next.

7. The Sporty one

She is the adventurous one who can be loads of fun to be with as she is not predictable and never treads the beaten path. She can jump into conversations rather easily and is always exploring. Shorts and jeans with sandals and sneakers are her usual companions along with cool jackets and sweat shirts. However, she is open to experimenting new styles as well when required as long as it is comfortable.

8. Ms Ambitious

She is the typical leader of your squad who takes the wheel, and always prioritises her work life more than anything else. She spells professionalism from head to toe and her attire is all about class and sophistication. She sets the bar high by keeping up with the latest trends such Culotte pants and ruffled shirts with block heels. Her mantra is to be classy yet comfy to rise up the work ladder in style. (ANI)