Sudden favours to Muslims by T-Govt., a big question mark?

Sudden favours to Muslims by T-Govt., a big question mark?

Hyderabad: In connection with the nomination of five Muslims to various corporations is raising many questions. There is no tradition of nominating Muslim candidates to corporations other than Minority institutions. TRS leaders belonging to Minorities made several representations during the past three years but they were disappointed. Even no nominations were made to Minorities institutions.

It is understood that consequent on starting the campaign on Minority issues by TJAC, Govt. is worried. Govt. is also disturbed on account of Siasat’s campaign for reminding TRS its election promise to provide 12% reservation for Muslims. Sensing the displeasure of Muslims with the TRS Govt., CM suddenly decided to nominate Muslims to various corporations so that a message could be communicated to the Muslims that Govt. is serious about nominating Muslims to various posts.

On the condition of unanimity, some TRS leaders told that it depicts the worries of the Govt. with the Muslim reservation campaign. The anxiety of the Govt. could be gauged from the fact that appointments of Muslim candidates were made to the non-minority institutions. Although, the Muslim leaders appointed to these posts may not be in a position to do any commendable work for the Muslim community but CM wants to communicate this message to the Muslims that Govt. is very much worried about the development of Muslims.

Prof. Kodandaram has started visiting Telangana districts to muster support in favour of 12% reservations for Muslims. He has also contacted many leaders, social activists and intellectuals to seek their support. Prof. Kodandaram wants that the campaign for Muslim reservations should be started rigorously throughout the State. Siasat Urdu Daily has been championing this cause for the past one year but nothing has happened.

Common Muslims believe that with these appointments, a few leaders could be benefited but the large population of economically backward Muslims will not be benefited. In fact, CM has rehabilitated his own confidants.

–Siasat News