Sudheer Commission is likely to finalize its report within a week

Sudheer Commission is likely to finalize its report within a week

Hyderabad: Sudheer Commission of enquiry has almost finalized its report. It is likely to submit it in the 2nd week of August.

A meeting of the Advisory Board was held in Hyderabad yesterday in which noted economists of the country and person working in various commissions participated. Members of the commission, namely Dr. Amerullah Khan, Mr. Mohammed Abdul Bari and Prof. Abdus Shaaban were present in the meeting. Statistics received from Govt. departments show a gloomy picture of the status of the Muslims in Govt. services.

According to the sample survey conducted by centre for Good Governance, Education Dept. is the largest department of the Govt. which employs 1,40,186 lakh persons, out of which, there are only 8496 Muslim employees. In the same manner, Electricity has 5% housing and Panchayati Raj 5%, Road Transport 4%, Social Welfare 3% Muslims.

On an average, there are only 7% Muslims in Govt. Departments. Most of them belong to lower cadres like attenders, drivers etc.

Sudheer Commission expressed its anxiety for the least representation of the Muslims in Govt. Jobs. In Telangana State, there are 163 IAS officers, out of which there are only 5 Muslims, out of 112 IPS there are only 3 Muslims, out of 65 Indians Forest Service Officers, there are only 2 Muslims.

According to reliable sources, Sudheer Commission would finalize its report within a week. It is expected that this report would be presented to CM of Telangana State in the 2nd week of August.

The commission has recommended reservations for the Muslims but the percentage of reservations has been left to the discretion of the Govt. It is to be seen what action TRS Govt. would take on Sudheer Commission’s report. Muslims are awaiting for it.

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