Sudheer Commission suggests special commission for protection of Wakf properties

Sudheer Commission suggests special commission for protection of Wakf properties

Hyderabad: Sudheer Commission of Inquiry is of the opinion that the budget allocated for Minorities is not sufficient taking into consideration the backwardness of the Muslims. Commission expressed dissatisfaction over spending the allocated budget. It suggested that the Muslims constitute 12.68% of the total population of the State and hence there is a need for preparing a separate sub-plan for Muslims.

The commission made a reference to the low percentage of Muslims in Govt. jobs. It also suggested measures for the promotion of Urdu language and literature. It pointed out that Govt. announced to sanction honorarium to Imams and Mauzzins of 5000 Masajids but its implementation is very slow. Very few applications were received. The present applicants have not been released the sanctioned amount.

Commission observed that during 2014-15, Govt. allotted Rs. 1030 crore but it released only Rs. 453 crore. It suggested that some provision of the budget from all the Dept. should be allocated for the development of Muslims. It also suggested that a Muslim representative should be nominated in selection committees to ensure fair representation of Muslims. It recommended the appointment of Special Officers for Urdu, Translators and Urdu Computer Operators in every Dept.

Although, Wakf issues were not included in the terms of reference of the commission but in view of its importance, commission suggested that a Special Wakf Commission should be appointed in order to protect Wakf properties. It recommended Govt. should allot lands for Muslim graveyards. It pointed out that in major departments of the Govt., there is no adequate representation of Muslims, especially in Gazetted cadre.

–Siasat News