Tuesday , August 22 2017
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Sudhir panel favors 9 to 12% quota to Muslims

Sudhir Commission, which was appointed for Muslims reservations, today recommended 9 to 12 per cent of reservations for empowerment of the Mulsim Minorities for social and educational development in the State.

In a report submitted to the State government, Sudhir Commission advised the State government to replicate Tamil Nadu government for reservations and urge the Centre to make necessary amendment to the Constitution. It favoured a separate sub-plan for Minorities on the lines of SC and ST sub-plans and recommended to provide jobs, training, land and other facilities like education, health and basic amenities.

It came up with 12 recommendations, including constitution of a special commission for providing equal opportunities, committee to provide all facilities to the Muslim population besides offering the best educational opportunities by setting up high schools and colleges in a big way. As 85 per cent of the Muslims are the most backward, there was a dire need of providing reservations to suitable extent to them, the commission opined. Besides including Mehar caste of Mulsims in to SCs for reservations, the Commission said separate committees be formed for implementing recommendations of Sachar and Kundu committees and for confirming backwardness to take further steps for reservations.

The other recommendations of the committee are: A commission to protect Wakf assets be set up and provide more quota for Muslim women to get jobs and setting up more number of high schools and colleges for girls. Cashless transactions to provide admissions to the students and avoid problems related to drawing scholarships. It also recommended steps for appointment of Urdu language teachers, and offer second official language, start up fund for Muslim entrepreneurs and steps to create self confidence among the Muslims and distribution of land and extension of “Auto-ownership” scheme in villages. (NSS)