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Sugar prices plunge on ample stocks

Sugar prices plunge on ample stocks

New delhi: Sugar prices plunged by Rs 80 per quintal at the wholesale market in the national capital today on ample stocks following increased supplies from mills amid scattered buying by stockists and bulk consumers.

Marketmen said persistent arrivals from mills and some buying by stockists and bulk consumers attributed fall in the sweetener prices.

Sugar ready M-30 and S-30 traded lower lower by Rs 80 to end at Rs 4,050-4,120 and Rs 4,040-4,110 per quintal.

Mill delivery M-30 and S-30 also quoted Rs 40 each lower to finish at Rs 3,720-3,800 and Rs 3,710-3,790 per quintal.

In the millgate section, sugar Asmoli and Sakoti slid by Rs 60 each to Rs 3,740 and Rs 3,710, while Budhana, Thanabhavan, Dhampur, Dhanora, Anupshaher and Dorala dipped by Rs 50 eachto Rs 3,740, Rs 3,730, Rs 3,710, Rs 3,730, Rs 3,720 and Rs 3,745 per quintal.

Prices of Mawana, Ramala, Morna, Chandpur, Modinagar, and Nazibabad lost Rs 40 each to Rs 3,740, Rs 3,730, Rs 3,740, Rs 3,720, Rs 3,730 and Rs 3,720, meanwhile, Khatuli, Kinnoni, Simbholi and Baghpat fell by Rs 30 each to Rs 3,780, Rs 3,800, Rs 3,780 and Rs 3,750 per quintal respectively.

Following are today’s quotations (in Rs per quintal)

Sugar retail markets – Rs 44.00-48.00 per kg.

Sugar ready: M-30 Rs 4,050-4,120, S-30 Rs 4,040-4,110.

Mill delivery: M-30 Rs 3,720-3,800, S-30 Rs 3,710-3,790.

Sugar millgate (including duty): Mawana Rs 3,740, Kinnoni Rs 3,800, Asmoli Rs 3,740, Dorala Rs 3,745, Budhana Rs 3,740,Thanabhavan Rs 3,730, Dhanora Rs 3,730, Simbholi Rs 3,780, Khatuli Rs 3,780, Dhampur Rs 3,710, Ramala Rs 3,730, Anupshaher Rs 3,720, Baghpat Rs 3,750, Morna Rs 3,740, Sakoti Rs 3,710, Chandpur Rs 3,720, Nazibabad Rs 3,720 and Modinagar 3,730.