Suggestions to promote tourist centers sought

Suggestions to promote tourist centers sought

Hyderabad: Several steps are being taken for the development of tourist center in old city which include chemical treatment of Charminar. At the same time people are criticizing for not developing other tourist centers.

According to reliable sources, Govt. proposes to constitute a separate committee for the protection of historical places like Charminar, Makkah Masjid, Unani hospital, Chowk clock tower, Gulzar Houz, Charkaman, Pathargatti etc. This committee would be empowered to take decision about the maintenance of historical places.

In order to attract tourists, it is essential not only to provide basic amenities but also to make the historical places attractive by painting them suitably. It may be noted that after getting such proposal, the white washing work of Nizamia Unani Hospital was undertaken. The white washing work pertaining to two minarets of Charminar is being done speedily. It is likely that the repair work of the third minaret will also be undertaken soon. The white washing work of Nizamia Unani Hospital is nearing completion but the situation inside the hospital is very deplorable which needs to be improved. In patients of this hospital are not provided with basic amenities.

The process of seeking suggestions for beautifying Charkaman, Gulzar Houz, Pathergatti, Sardar Mahal etc. is in progress. It is expected that before the end of this year, Tourism Department would take a final decision in this regard and present the report to the Govt.

–Siasat News