Saturday , August 19 2017
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Suman brands Prof. Kodandaram as Congress agent

Alleging that Telangana Political JAC Chairman Prof. M Kodandaram was intentionally criticizing the schemes being implemented by the TRS government in the State, Peddapally MP Balka Suman said Prof. Kodandaram was trying to resurrect the Congress party in the State.

Suman alleged that Prof. Kodandaram entered into secret pact with AICC president Sonia Gandhi. The Congress party, which has no guts to face the TRS party, was using Prof. Kodandaram to criticise the TRS government. He also alleged that Prof. Kodandaram has Congress smell since starting and revealed that the latter made the Congress to give two tickets to two leaders—Addanki Dayakar and Kathi Venkata Swamy, who were close to him.

Speaking to the media at TRSLP office here on Tuesday, Suman termed Kodandaram as a betrayer and asked the people not to believe him anymore. Stating that true colors of Kodandaram came out, Suman alleged that Kodandaram was attacking TRS party in the guise of JAC. “There is a conspiracy behind the Kodandaram’s attack on TRS party”, he exhorted. Alleging that Prof. Kodandaram met Sonia Gandhi twice on June 16 and 27, Suman asked the former to tell as to why he met Sonia. He asserted that Prof. Kodandaram participated in the Mallannasagar agitations only after meeting Sonia Gandhi. Prof. Kodandaram has secret links with the Congress party, he alleged.

Describing Prof. Kodandaram as a snake, which leaves its skin, Suman has thrown a challenge to the former to come out directly if he has guts but not in the guise of JAC. He alleged that Prof. Kodandaram speaks ethics, but resorts to unethical things. Prof. Kodandaram was playing “’Shikhandi’’ role in the drama being enacted by the Congress party. He said on one side Prof. Kodandaram was saying that he was averse to politics but on the other, Prof. Kodandaram was working along with Congress party secretly. (NSS)