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Swaraj India files application for registration with EC

Swaraj India files application for registration with EC

New Delhi: Yogendra Yadav-led Swaraj India on Monday filed an application with the Election Commission for registration as political party but said it is yet to take a “final view” about participation in upcoming elections in the city and outside.

Expelled AAP leaders Yadav and Prashant Bhushan launched the political party on October 2, promising that the new outfit would act as a force of “alternate politics” and not resort to “cult politics”.

As per the requirements of Election Commission for registering a political party, an application for registration of the party along with all the required documents is to be submitted to the Secretary of Election Commission of India within 30 days following the date of formation of the party.

“Today Swaraj India filed application with ECI for registration as political party. Paperwork done, real work begins,” Yadav tweeted.

Regarding participation in the elections Yadav said, “While the party is yet to take a final view about our participation in the various elections that are to come, our approach is clear. We intervene only where we have a minimum critical mass of volunteers and supporters and we can offer a credible alternative agenda of governance.”

“We are not here to contest for the sake of contesting, nor to act as a spoiler,” he said.