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Omega-3 rich diet reduces risk of Type 1 diabetes in kids

Washington: Pregnant or lactating mothers should include Omega-3 foods, such as fish, in their diets that can lower children's risk of Type 1...

Chocolate bar a day keeps strokes, diabetes away!

New Delhi: Now its time to put down apples and grab a box of delicious dark chocolates! Because chocolates help to curb heart diseases...

India second most diabetic populous nation with increase in cases

Delhi: India is the second diabetic populous nation with 69.1 million cases,said health minister JP Nadda. Citing report of a medical journal, Nadda said...

Blocking a hormone may help treat type 1 diabetes: study

Geneva: Blocking the hormone that raise ssugar levels in the blood could increase insulin levels while keeping blood sugar levels down, which may help...