Taking a selfie at this Rlwy Station will land you in jail

, 12:47 AM IST

Ahmadabad: Taking a selfie at the Ahmedabad railway station, you might land in jail for five years. According to Railway Police sources, any person caught taking a selfie at the railway station would be punished under Railways Act 1989, Article 145, 147 and 153. The decision was taken by the Ahmedabad Railway Division in the interest of passengers as Ahmedabad railway station is the second busiest railway station of the Western Railways.

If the railway tracks are pictured in the image taken, the person would be charged under Section 147 whereas appearance of a goods or passenger train would lead to implementation of both Section 147 and 145. Moreover, if a passenger takes a selfie in a movie train or if a moving train is pictured in the photograph, he/she would be charged under RPF Legislative Act.