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When Taylor Swift turned ‘Batman’ for Dave Grohl

When Taylor Swift turned ‘Batman’ for Dave Grohl

Melbourne : Dave Grohl recently revealed a story about how Taylor Swift turned ‘Batman’ for him and saved him from embarrassment in front of Sir Paul McCartney.

During a recent acoustic set, the ‘Foo Fighters’ front-man explained to the crowd what happened when he was partying with a room full of famous people at the ‘ Beatles’ legend’s house, reports News.com.au.

The 47-year-old musician went on explaining, “There was a piano in the room and Paul gets up and starts playing a song … It’s blowing everyone’s f***ing mind. And then he finishes the song and everybody looks at me and says, ‘Go on Dave, play a song’.”

Now problem arised when Grohl did not find a single right-handed guitar in the room (because Paul McCartney’s left-handed), as he can’t play a piano.

That is when Swift came to his rescue and sat on the piano to play Grohl’s song ‘Best of You.

“I look at my wife and I’m like, I know this f***ing song. And she (Swift) was f***ing playing our song, Best of You. As if I weren’t high enough, that f***ing blew me into outer space … I just lost my mind,” he said.

This is the reason why Grohl described the ‘Bad Blood’ singer as ” Batman” as she was there to save the day exactly when he needed help. (ANI)