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Teacher killed student for loving her daughter

Teacher killed student for loving her daughter

In a shocking incident a teacher of Sapphire International School in Ranchi killed a class VII student who was reportedly in love with her 11-year-old daughter.

According to reports, the 12-year-old student was found dead on February 5 in the residential campus of Sapphire International School.

The case was cracked reportedly with the help of CCTV footage, after the Parents of the victim filed an PIL in the Jharkhand High Court.

As the boy body was found in the teachers’ flats area, police tightened the radar upon teachers, but the arrest of a teacher from the same school for the murder of student has left Ranchi shocked and posed a serious question mark on the teacher-student relationship.

CCTV footage shows the boy was walking out of his hostel room at 1.09am on Friday night and going towards the teachers’ hostel where the girl lives. At 1.30am, another teacher found him half-dead at the main entrance of the teachers’ hostel.

The teacher along with her husband who killed the boy along with their daughters are under arrest.