Teachers protest against new pension policy – Kodandaram demands revival of old scheme

, 8:49 AM IST

Hyderabad: Chairman of Telangana Political Joint Action Committee, Prof. Kodandaram alleged that the Central and State governments that they are escaping from providing pensions to their employees. He was addressing a dharna program at Indira Park yesterday organized by 11 associations of Telangana. The teachers’ organizations are demanding to abolish a new pension scheme to revive the old pension scheme. Prof. Kodandaram was delighted to know that all the teachers organizations have come to a common platform for getting their demands fulfilled. He slammed the central government for deducting 10% from the salaries of the Govt. employees to give it to private companies for investing in shares.

Prof. K. Nageshwar, MLC told that there is no scope for pension in the new policy which is disadvantageous to 4.4 lakh of A.P. employees and 3 lakh Telangana employees. He further told that pension is not a charitable, it is a compensation of the services rendered by employees.

–Siasat News