Thursday , July 27 2017
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SHE Teams catch 35, send for counselling

Some sixty SHE Teams were doing their silent decoy operations in the Cyberabad Police Commissionerate to protect women from eve-teasing. This week 35 cases (15 cases from East Zone and 20 from West zone) are reported.
The Cyberabad SHE Teams have registered 35 cases (8 FIRs, 28 petty cases) and arrested 42 offenders and all the offenders are majors this time. All the offenders are being counselled along with their parents by professional counsellors at Crime Against Women (CAW) Cell, CPO, Gachibowli.
Among the 42, six offenders were remanded. Most of the offenders are around 20 and are students. A few of them are around 35 and five of them are auto drivers. A 54-year old man also attended the counselling along with his wife. Most of the eve-teasers were repenting about their mischievous acts and realizing the necessity of respecting women after an hour of counselling session.
Majority of them are leaving the counselling hall of CAW Cell with tears and with clear goals of their lives. Parents are really appreciating the initiative taken by Cyberabad SHE Teams. Half of the complaints are received through Whatsapp CitizenConnectivity Program i.e. 9490617444, through a small message for which SHE Teams respond immediately. (NSS)