Tuesday , August 22 2017
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‘SHE’ Teams trap 138 men for harassing women over phone

Swati Lakra, IPS, Additional Commissioner of Police, Crimes & SIT here on Saturday said till now 138 phone harassment complaints of different types have been received and the offenders were caught by the SHE Teams of  Hyderabad City Police.

Swati Lakra, in a statement has stated 44 cases of making repeated calls at odd timings and harassing women; 24 cases of sending love messages to the mobile phones of women; 24 cases of taking previous friendship as an advantage and the victims are blackmailed to continue friendship; 19 cases of making repeated calls, talking in vulgar language and sending inappropriate messages; eight cases where obscene photos and videos have been sent to the victims through What’s app and six cases of threatening the victims by making calls were received by the SHE Teams.

The Additional Commissioner of Police has stated a few mischief mongers were taking advantage and misusing the mobile phones to harass women in different ways. SHE Teams have received a number of complaints regarding harassment of women over the mobile phones like dialing  a number randomly and if a lady receives the call, they talk in a vulgar language and  repeatedly call at odd hours. They annoy women, propose to her, send abusive text messages and whatsapp obscene pictures, videos and threatening and so on. Swati Lakra stated such cases were on increase these days. In some cases, the mobile numbers displayed on the lady doctors names at hospitals, beauticians’ numbers displayed on parlours etc are noted down by the mischief mongers and harassing the ladies by repeatedly calling at odd times.

Swati Lakra said the offenders were traced by using modern technology, arrested and produced before the court. Anyone who harasses women using mobile phones will be dealt with severely by booking cases under IT Act and Nirbhaya Act, she added.

Disclosing the identity of some mischief mongers, who were caught recently, Swati said in case, one Balaji Sivanand Nigudige, 18, and one Dinesh Gupe, 22, private employees residing at Chudibazaar, Jummerath Bazaar, were harassing women by calling them repeatedly from different SIM numbers. When their numbers were blocked by the victim, they used different SIM numbers and harassed them. Both were arrested and produced before the Court.

In another case, A Nagesh, 27, native of Bidar and residing at Narayanaguda was harassing a woman. He was making calls and proposing to her. He even came to the victim’s house and tried to talk to her. On lodging a complaint, he was caught and produced in the court. Similarly, one N. Sreenivas Reddy, 36, worked in a dhaba in Karimnagar, started harassing women by calling them repeatedly and talking in a vulgar language. Many women’s numbers were found in his call records. The victims were frightened and switched off their mobiles. He was caught following a complaint. One Shaik Irfan, 25, was harassing his colleague to love him despite she spurned his proposal. He was blackmailing her that he will post her photos on the websites and face book pages, calling her repeatedly, sending messages and harassing her. Based on the complaint, he was arrested and produced in the court.

In another case, one Somu Rajesh, 20, a student of Ramanthapur was making repeated calls to the victim’s mobile number. He was arrested. Yet in another case, one Subodh Kumar Singh, 28, a native of Ranchee, who came to Hyderabad recently and residing at H. No. 82-8-53, Shivajinagar, Secunderabad, was calling the victim and talking in a vulgar language. Based on her complaint, he was arrested, the Additional Commissioner of Police (Crimes) stated. (NSS)