Tuesday , August 22 2017
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Telangana govt inflated projects cost many times, alleges Digvijaya Singh

Hyderabad: Senior Congress leader Digvijaya Singh has charged the Telangana government with inflating the cost of various projects many times and also not allocating funds to panchayats.

“They (Telangana government) have increased the value of each project by 100 to 200 times. They are taking everyone for a ride, not fulfilling their election promises,” the party General Secretary alleged while talking to PTI.

Singh, incharge of Congress affairs in Telangana, said he was “really amused” when the Prime Minister praised the Chief Minister and KCR praised Narendra Modi (during his recent visit to the state).

“Then, Mr Amit Shah (BJP national President) comes and he says it (Telangana) is one of the most corrupt governments in India. So, either Mr Modi is fooling the people, or Amit Shah is fooling the people and Mr KCR is fooling both the persons,” the former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister alleged.

“It’s for the Telangana people to understand as to who is correct? whether Modi is correct, or KCR is correct or Amit Shah is correct. The Congress party feels that all three people are fooling the people. Mr Modi fooled the people of the country by making election promise of paying Rs 15 lakh in every account by bringing all the black money back from foreign banks,” Singh charged.

Congress is prepared to “take on” KCR and also “expose him in the minds of the people because of the false promises he has made,” he said, and alleged that the state government has not given any funds, power and authority to panchayats.