Telangana: Old Man Dies After Being Punished To Do Sit-Ups by youngsters

, 4:44 PM IST

Hyderabad: A shocking incident took place in Bowenpally, Secunderabad, where four young men forced a 40-year-old man to do sit-ups in this scorching heat, in order to punish him for hitting their car.

Later, the victim was found dead in his own car. Initially, heatstroke was considered as the cause of death. But, it was unsounded, why the victim chose to sit in his car despite the unbearably high temperature.

Further investigation and the CCTV footage of the area revealed that the car was parked and the victim was forced into doing sit-ups by four other men.

The footage also showed that the four men snatched victim’s wallet and left him there in a highly vulnerable condition. Three of the accused have been taken into custody while the fourth is at large. However, the identity of the victim is yet to be discovered.