Thursday , August 24 2017
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Telangana Treasury empty – Facing “Economic Emergency”

Hyderabad: Govt. of Telangana has issued instructions to stop payments of all bills except salary bills. It is reported that shortage of money in Govt. treasury is forcing it to take such step. Central Govt. used to pay Rs. 1000 crore every month from the taxes collected but it has reduced Rs. 450 crore which is causing inconvenience to State Govt. TS Govt. has to pay Rs. 2000 crore under various schemes which have been stopped. Finance Dept. of Telangana is making a request to Central Govt. to cooperate to end the financial crises.

It is learnt from reliable sources that the bills of the contractors who undertook the work of construction of road and Mission Bhagiratha have also been stopped. The agencies responsible for supplying mid-day meals to schools have also been asked to stop the work. Old age pensions are likely to be hit very badly. In order to continue this scheme, prior permission from Finance Dept. is essential. It is reported that Telangana received Rs. 6000 crore from April to September from Taxes, out of which only Rs. 550 crore were release. Govt. of India did not specify the reasons for reducing State’s share. Govt. has to pay Rs. 300 crore to private hospital. Govt. is considering to take necessary steps to enhance income.

–Siasat News