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Telanganite Asst. Prof. becomes victim of Andhrite lobby’s hostility

mehdi nawaz jung cancer hospital

Even as the united Andhra Pradesh has been divided into two states, the Andhrites cleverly are succeeding in depriving Telangana people their due rights. The worst example of their nefarious practices and unauthorised use of government posts is the Mehdi Nawaz Jung Cancer Hospital and Regional Research Centre where Andhrites doctors with a planned conspiracy are suppressing Telangana doctors. Telanganites are being deprived of promotions and perks. Even the TRS government which came to power in the name of Telangana people’s welfare is silent over the unbecoming acts of Andhrites.

According to reliable sources the Andhrite lobby still holds sway over the Mehdi Nawaz Jung Cancer Hospital formed in 1955 by Nawab Mehdi Nawaz Jung. They are deliberately targeting lone Telangana Assistant Professor, who is able, senior most and punctual. Andhrite lobby is meting out hostile attitude towards the lady doctor who is popular among cancer patients. They have stopped her from getting Arogyasri schemes. It is said that Andhrite lobby has grabbed lakhs of rupees which were supposed to be received by the lady assistant professor. They are making the lady doctor their target so that the scandal couldn’t come to the fore.

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