Thursday , August 24 2017
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Telenor’s move for safe online environment for children

Telenor’s move for safe online environment for children

Telenor India has organised #SafeInternetForum 2016, calling on teachers, parents, government, cyber security experts, NGOs and private partners for responsible use of internet and strengthen the defenses for a safer internet experience for children.

In India over 30 million children of less than 18 years have their personal handset. According to an estimate 134 million Indian children are expected to come online by 2017. Hence #SafeInternetForum 2016 aims at building defenses amongst children by guiding them on how to be safe online.

Speaking at the #SafeInternetForum 2016, Sharad Mehrotra, Chief Executive Officer, Telenor India Communications said, “Protecting and providing a safe internet experience for children through education and guidance is a focus for Telenor. To create awareness among parents around safe Internet practices, Telenor also launched WebWise – A Parental Guide at the forum.

Telenor Group collaborated with the European Commission’s CEO Coalition to make internet a better place for children, and has worked with Interpol to become the first mobile operator in the world to introduce safety and child sexual abuse filters for mobile phones.

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