Saturday , August 19 2017
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Textile Park – Govt. serious to establish

Hyderabad: Govt. of Telangana is engaged in taking serious steps for the establishment of Textile Park. It has explored the possibilities of acquiring lands in Warangal and Medak Districts. It is expected that very soon Textile Park will become functional. According to the plan of the Govt. plot allocated for textile parks would be sold out to investors and various textile industries would be setup on those plot.

A meeting was held recently in which the buys were advised to ensure starting of textile production. It is understood that Govt. has earmarked 88 plots for this purpose, out of which 67 plots have already been sold out. Many companies have started production. Very soon, the remaining companies will also start working.

Officials of Industries Dept. hoped that the situation in the State would be totally changed after the project is completed. It will also generate many jobs. CM of Telangana State, Mr. KCR had announced that Textile Park would be established on 2500-3000 acres of land in Madikonda in Warangal District. This park will start reducing Cotton Textile which is being prepared in Surat.

It is understood that Govt. released Rs. 300 crore for the acquisition of lands. Revenue Dept. proposes to acquire more than 1000 acre whereas Govt. already has 2000 acres near Madikonda in Warangal. It is presumed that these lands were not sufficient for a spacious Textile Park. It has therefore been decided to acquire more lands. Govt. is contacting noted Textile Companies to start their units in the Textile Park.

–Siasat News