Thursday , August 17 2017
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Thane massacre: Traumatised survivor clueless about ‘murderer’ brother’s intension

Thane : A woman who survived the massacre by her brother, where he murdered 14 of his family members here on Sunday, told the police that she has no idea as to what spurred her brother to go on the horrific killing spree.

Special branch constable Meera Madhurkar, who took a statement from the survivor, told ANI that the victim was clueless about her brother’s intention behind the murders as he seemed to have no qualms with the family.

“In her statement she said that her brother had called the entire family for a special dinner. There had been no conflict that night. He was exhibiting normal behaviour towards his parents and his wife. She said that she had no idea why her brother massacred them all. I could not ask her much as she is still traumatised and has 25 stitches on her neck, where she suffered the most injuries,” Madhurkar said.

Earlier today, 35-year-old Hansil Warekar, a chartered accountant from Thane murdered 14 of his family members with a knife and then hung himself to death.

The deceased include eight children, his wife, his three sisters, and his parents.

The bizarre factor here is that the murderer, according to his neighbours, was a cheerful and smart person who showed absolutely no signs of any psychological disorder.

“It is a sad incident as the man was a very nice person. He was well qualified and worked in a good company. He was calm and composed. It is going to be really hard to figure out the real reason as to why this happened because none of the neighbours, or anyone for that matter was aware of any family dispute,” a neighbour told ANI.

Kaasarwadvali police are investigating the case. (ANI)