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Some thought-provoking lines from “A Systematic Study of the Holy Quran” – 3

(Dr. Javed Jamil) * God loves all human beings, as all are His creatures. He is rabbul-aalameen, meaning Lord of all the Universe, and Rahman-ir-Rahim, meaning Kind-Merciful. But at the same time He is also Just. His justness demands that wrongdoers and good people cannot be given the same treatment. In the world, every man has the right to act according to his conscience and beliefs, within of course the boundaries of Law, but in the Hereafter, God will reward and punish on the basis of their deeds. If they are in accordance with what God wishes, He will give him a big reward; if not, He will punish, but even in punishment, He will remain Kind-Merciful.

* Iman means the highest state of satisfaction and contentment that can be achieved only by getting entirely convinced and attaining realization of the Oneness of God and His Message through Muhammad (PBUH), the Last of His Messengers and then committing to them.

* The real Iman manifests itself in action in all parts of life. Iman is an inward faith and conviction and Islam is its outward expression at various levels.

* Faith (Iman) of an individual is sine qua non for his/her inner peace, and faith of the majority of the people constituting a nation or society is sine qua non for peace in the nation or society.

* A Momin (Committed Believer) is always cool. The vicissitudes of life do not trouble him, pains do not perturb him and losses do not disturb him. Sadness does not bereave him, except to a certain degree, and happiness does not corrupt him. Failure does not depress him, and success does not intoxicate him. If anything worries him it is not his personal aggrandisement in this life but his desire to please God….. Conceit and haughtiness do not afflict him; humility embellishes his existence. His presence on the Earth is not the source of injury to anybody; he loves to take pains to keep others happy. Avarice is not his wont; others’ possessions howsoever precious do not generate envy or jealousy in his heart.

* A Momin is in a position to detach from all sorts of worries convinced that God will never fail to do what is best for him.

* Patience and peace are inseparable, and patience with perseverance is the supreme virtue of a Momin.

* Believers know that they can escape punishment in this world but cannot in the next world. Law may not have the eyes to see their deeds, but God can see even what they are doing away from all the eyes of the world. The expectation of incentives and the fear of disincentives combine to prevent them from undesirable actions and encourage them to conduct righteously.

* It is the right conduct that prevents individuals from a number of problems, and when people in society generally conduct well peace prevails.

* While faith in God and Hereafter go a long way to ensure psychological and spiritual peace, when this combines with the faith in Muhammad (Peace be upon him!) as the Last Messenger of God and Qur’an as the last scripture, this paves way for physical, family and social peace.

* Qur’an and Muhammad (Peace be upon him!) explain what bad or good conduct is. It is they that discriminate between the right and the wrong. It is they that provide the constitution, the guidelines and the example.

Dr Javed Jamil is India based thinker and writer with over a dozen books including his latest, “Muslim Vision of Secular India: Destination & Road-map”, “Qur’anic Paradigms of Sciences & Society” (First Vol: Health), “Muslims Most Civilised, Yet Not Enough” and Other works include “The Devil of Economic Fundamentalism”, “The Essence of the Divine Verses”, “The Killer Sex”, “Islam means Peace” and “Rediscovering the Universe”. Read more about him at Facebook page:, also He can be contacted at [email protected]