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Three GHMC men held for false mutations of properties

Three GHMC men held for false mutations of properties

The Cyber Crime PS here apprehended three conmen involved in unauthorized Mutation of Property Documents by entering details in concerned GHMC database through a Fake ID and charging exorbitantly to the unlawful owner for illegal favour.

The accused were identified as Bathala Polaiah, a native of Cuddapah residing at Chikkadpally, Hyderabad working as GHMC Data Entry Operator and main accused changing mutations, M. Lakhan Singh of Jiaguda (Mediator and Data Entry Operator who brings the parties to Polaiah) and Khaja Qutubuddin of Somajiguda (beneficiary) and Jagadish (absconding)

Police said on April 13 they received a complaint from one Mohammed Abbas of Somajiguda stating that he sold 220 out of 370 yards land to his neighbor Khaja Qutubudddin in 2001. On April 15, when the complainant visited the GHMC circle No 10 at Khairatabad for payment of tax for 2017-18, he was shocked to find that his neighbor Khaja Qutubuddin’s name reflected against his house in unsold 150 Sq.yds. On inquiry, he learnt that his name was deleted against the property and the name of Khaja Qutubuddin was inserted in the system, with criminal intention in collusion with Municipal Clerk and outsourcing Data Entry Operator Battula Polaiah and


  1. Lakhan Singh to whom he paid huge amount.

Thus Khaja Qutubuddin and other accused jointly and fraudulently altered /removed information of his mutation name in the computer in order to cause damage to him by entering his neighbour’s name in the computer.

As per the contents of the complaint, a case was registered in Cr.No.96/2017 and took up investigation. During the investigation, the Investigating Officer and Analysis team of Cyber Crime PS obtained the IP address involved in changing of name for Transaction of said PTIN No. from Mohammed Abbas Ali to Khaja Qutubuddin and sent a notice to the concerned ISP and obtained the address of the mobile subscriber using the said IP and apprehended the entire gang involved in the cheating.


Principal accused B. Polaiah, working as Data Entry Operator at GHMC deals with Mutations of property registered in the name of purchasers. His duties were mutation of properties, Valuation, Exemptions, Assessment deletions etc., as per the instructions of the Chief Valuation Officer using official user Id. He earlier made some fake entries of mutation of properties and transferred to Fire Prevention wing of GHMC.

Later, he met Jagadish, an IT Programmer of GHMC and colluded with him and both enabled some defunct user Ids and started changing ownership details of properties and provided IDs to the unauthorized mutator without verifying the Official Statement provided by Dy. Commissioners office. A-2 M. Lakhan Singh and others used to bring the parties (Purchaser) without going through proper Channel and charge exorbitantly to such unauthorized purchasers etc.

In this manner, they have changed some 2,000 Mutation Names without verification/Listing in D.C. office of GHMC and earned several lakhs of rupees, fraudulently causing irreparable loss and inconvenience to genuine owners. The beneficiary approaching the said conmen for changing his name unauthorizedly is also apprehended in this case.


The general public are warned not to fall prey to such conmen and always approach the proper officials for mutation of their properties. The Victims of such fraud having their property mutations in any other name can approach the I.Os. for registering their complaints.


The above operation was carried out by Inspector Sri P. Ravi Kiran SIs Sri S.Naresh and team under the direct supervision of DCP, DD, Hyderabad. (NSS)