Tips for increasing your iPhone space

Tips for increasing your iPhone space

(By Rashmi) Have a storage problem in iPhone? Want more space to be available? Here the 5 tips for increasing space in iPhone:

1. Cloud app: This app by Apple allows you to save all of your data in it. All you need to do is just log in your account and save it.

2. ICloud device: By using iCloud storage device, you can save your files which are up to 4TB.

3. OTG Finish Drive: OTG means On The Go flash drive. This device allows you to send data directly from your iPhone. It is available with storage capacity of 32GB, 64GB, etc.

4. USB Wireless: You can USB device which is Wi-Fi enabled. A small pocket is enough for the USB Wireless device.

5. Delete: the best option of all the tips to increase your iPhone space is delete. Delete all unnecessary stuff, data which are already saved in other devices.
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