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TN farmers temporarily suspend the protest

TN farmers temporarily suspend the protest
Picture Courtesy: Hindustan Times

New Delhi: Farmers who have been demonstrating a protest over drought relief funds and loan waiving have temporarily suspended the protest on Sunday when the Cheif Minister E Palaniswamy assured them.

A distressed farmer said: “if we don’t get our demands fulfilled, we’ll again start the protest after May 25. We need to have train tickets to go back for now.”

The Chief Minister told that their demands have been moved to the Prime Minister in NITI Aayog’s meeting on Sunday. He also asked Modi to discuss the boats of fishermen when he visits Sri Lanka.

The farmers, who arrived New Delhi about forty days ago, are in the headlines for their peculiar style of protests. They used garlands of the human skull, staged suicides, conducted mock funerals, shaved off their moustaches and beards.

In addition to this, they also laid in front of Prime Minister’s office. They also stated that the skulls belonged to the farmers who committed suicide due to drought and under the pressure of loans.

The farmers are urging central government intervention to waive off their loans from the nationalised banks. Moreover, they want a drought relief package as the Tamil Nadu’s leg of Kaveri river has dried up. However, their loans from co-operative banks have already been waived off by the state government and Madras High court.