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TN govt. says, farmers did not commit suicide due to drought

TN govt. says, farmers did not commit suicide due to drought
Picture Courtesy: HT

New Delhi: After a series of bizarre protests by Tamil Nadu’s farmers in front of Jantar Mantar in Delhi, who blamed the government to not to take enough measures for drought relief and their loan waiving. Supreme court had asked TN Govt. to provide a sound reason for increasing rate of farmers’ suicide.

According to a news report by DC: While replying to the SC, Tamil govt. said that no farmer committed suicide due to drought rather for personal reasons. SC asked the TN govt. on April 13 to give a detailed reason for increasing farmers’ suicides in their state.

An apex court bench headed by Justice Dipak Misra said, “It is very painful to hear that farmers are committing suicide and the state government is not taking enough steps.”

Due to increasing debts, central govt. should also come forward to help the state as this situation is difficult for the state to handle alone, the court said.

A bench comprising Justices S Nagamuthu and M V Muralidharan gave the order of waiving the loans and allowing a petition by the National South Indian River Interlinking Agriculturists Association.