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Tri-colored Dosa: Tasty and Healthy

Tri-colored Dosa: Tasty and Healthy





Urad dal(black lentils)

Fenugreek seeds






Plain dosa recipe:


Wash and soak rice, urad dal (black lentils) and few fenugreek seeds. The soaked lentils, rice and fenugreek seeds are then finely grinded, fermented overnight. Warm temperature is important for the idli-dosa batter to ferment well.


Whenever you are ready to make Dosa,  add adequate salt and divide the batter into three equal portions.

  • One part of the batter is kept aside for white color.
  • Making orange color batter:

Chop the carrots and grind it to a smooth paste without adding water. Add the puree in the batter, mix well

  • For green color batter:

Finely chop the spinach, stir fry for a minute and let it cool down. Grind the spinach until smooth and add it to the batter.

Now you have three color batter in three different bowls!

Making tri- colored Dosa:

Keep the three bowls ready with different ladle for each color batter.

Heat the dosa pan, pour ¼ ladle of orange batter and spread on the pan to make a small circle. Next take ¼ ladle of white ie., plain batter and spread around the orange batter. Repeat the same process with green batter around white batter, to complete the tri-color Dosa.

Add few drops of oil over and around dosa for better taste and to smoothly take out Dosa from the pan.

Should you wish to make a little extra roast, flip to the other side of Dosa and roast for few seconds.  Serve hot with chutney of your choice!

Recipe by Swathi Chintala