Triple Talaq: Muslim Personal Law Board’s stand criticized

Triple Talaq: Muslim Personal Law Board’s stand criticized
--Courtesy "saddahaq"

Hyderabad: BJP has launched a campaign to propagate against Triple Talaq issue. It has started organizingdoeswareness programs with the help of the organizations supporting its ideology so that the stand taken by Muslim clerics could be ridiculed.

Pragna Bharati organized a symposium at Telugu University, adjacent to public garden, Nampally yesterday on “Triple Talaq: Justice and Social Change”.

Justice CV Ramulu, Ms. Shazia Ilmi, Mr. N. Ramachandra Rao addressed the symposium. The speakers heavily criticized the stand taken by All India Muslim Personal Law Board and claimed that the decision of the court would depict social change.

Justice Ramulu termed Triple Talaq as cruelty and said that it is wrong to associate it with religion. It should be seen not from the point of view of religion but from legal point.

Ms. Shazia Ilmi told that the stand taken by the Muslim Ulema is against the Islamic Principles. She also said that Triple Talaq is a sin and punishment should be prescribed for it. She alleged that the Muslim clerics are misinterpreting the meaning of the Quran. She also claimed that the Indian Muslim women got enlightened after the Shah Bano case. She defended the stand taken by the stand taken by Govt. of India.

Mr. N. Ramachandra Reddy, BJP MLC told that any attempt to stop atrocities on Muslim women does not come under the intervention in religion. He requested the lawyers to discourage divorce cases and work for compromising the couples.

–Siasat News