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TRS in the hole over MIM’s ugly act in Old city

TRS in the hole over MIM’s ugly act in Old city

The ruling TRS party is in the hole over the MIM leaders being involved in clashes in the Old City during the GHMC polls. The MIM, which had been allying with the Congress from the beginning, shifted its loyalty to the ruling party after the TRS came to power in the newly-formed Telangana State in 2014 elections.

Though TRS is in ally with the MIM, they fought the GHMC elections separately. It was speculated that the TRS and MIM would enter into pact in case the former fell short of majority in the GHMC council and share the power. But the MIM got the shock with the TRS getting absolute majority.

According to Hans India news, the sudden turn of events during the GHMC polls, especially the flare-up in the Old City, involving the MIM leaders in the alleged assault on TPCC president N Uttam Kumar Reddy and Congress leader Md Shabbir Ali and also subsequent attack on the house of TRS Deputy Chief Minister Mahmood Ali and assault on his son, put the TRS in a piquant situation as far as its relations with the MIM is concerned.

While all the Opposition parties were united in condemning the assault on the Congress leaders and demanded stern action against the MIM leaders, including arrest of the Owaisi brothers, the TRS surprisingly adopted a nonchalant attitude despite attack on the Deputy Chief Minister’s house and his son.

Meanwhile, there is a concern over the government soft-pedaling the acts of violence by the MIM. TRS also faces the wrath of oppositions over the police booking cases against the Congress leaders though they were the victims of violence by the MIM. Now with the TRS in power the government is expected to take a tough action against the rowdyism of MIM.