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Trump assures constructing the wall against Mexico border

Trump assures constructing the wall against Mexico border
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Washington: US President Donald Trump has attested his commitment building a wall along the Mexico border, meanwhile reports say that his multi-billion dollar plan may be concluded to avoid a possible government shutdown.

“The wall is going to get built, by the way,” Trump stated at the White House on Tuesday.

There came remarks that the Republican Party is sceptical about the wall as a part of its strategy to avoid the government shutdown. Trump’s insistence on funding to start construction had jeopardised the spending bill.

“Just in case anybody has any question, the wall is going to get built, and the wall is going to stop drugs, and it’s going to stop a lot of people from coming in that shouldn’t be here, and it’s going to have a huge effect on human trafficking, which is a tremendous problem in this world, a problem that nobody talks about, but it’s a problem that’s probably worse than any time in the history of this world,” he said.

He said the construction of wall will result in less number of people and drugs coming in the US, which will go down by 73-74 pct.

Trump also mentioned the US Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly advising him about the need for a wall.

“I was just with him a little while ago, and he said we definitely, desperately need the wall. And we’re going to have the wall built. I don’t know why people are talking. I watch these shows and the pundits in the morning. They don’t know what they’re talking about. The wall gets built, 100 percent,” the president said.

“The president made it very clear his priorities have not changed. There will be a wall built. It’s important to prevent human trafficking, gangs like MS-13 from coming into the country, the flow of illegal drugs, illegal immigration,” White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said.