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Trump does not have basic fundamental sensibilities: Biden

U.S. Senator Gary Peters (D-MI) smiles as he is ceremonially sworn-in by Vice President Joseph Biden in the Old Senate Chamber on Capitol Hill in Washington January 6, 2015. REUTERS/Larry Downing

WASHINGTON:US Vice President Joe Biden today slammed Donald Trump and said that the Republican presidential candidate does not have the “basic fundamental sensibilities and values” that almost every American politician has. “(Trump) does not have the basic fundamental sensibilities and values that almost every American politician, left, right, and center, I know, has.

They disagree on how to make things better for people, but they don’t take pleasure from knowing that they will benefit,” Biden said. “That’s what Wall Street did. That’s where Wall Street, the greatest allocator of capital in the history of the world, went awry, because it decided that they could take advantage, betting against the American people,” he said at the Drexel University in Pennsylvania.

Referring to last night’s debate, Biden said the 70-year-old real-estate tycoon acknowledged that he didn’t pay taxes because he was smart. “It makes him smart. Tell that to the janitor here who’s paying taxes. Tell it to my dad who, when he was alive, busted his neck working 60 hours a week, paid all his taxes. Tell that to the mothers and fathers who are breaking their neck to send you here who are paying their taxes,” Biden said. “I really mean it. It angers me.

It angers me. He acknowledge that when the housing market collapsed, and maybe a lot of your parents, if they didn’t lose their home, they lost the equity in their home,” he said. “You know what that equity was for? That equity was for their retirement. T

hat equity was able to get your older sister or brother to school because they could borrow against it. That equity was their insurance.

That equity was what gave them peace of mind when they got in bed. And this is a guy who said, and wants to be president, that it was good business for him to see the housing market fail. What in the hell is he talking about?” an angry Biden said. “I’ve been there for eight presidents, Democrat and Republican, I’ve disagreed and I’ve agreed. But every president I have served with, including the Republicans, has had a moral center about what it was to be an American.

About what we’re supposed to do,” he said amidst cheering from the audience. “What basic, fundamental rights are. Think about it. Can you imagine, Ronald Reagan, the most conservative president we’ve had in a long – can you imagine him saying, it’s good business to take advantage of people’s misery? Rooting for that misery? I really mean this. I am not joking. I’m not kidding. What does it say about this man? And he wants to be president of the United States of America,” Biden asked.