Trump supporters carry weapons openly outside convention, “supporting peace”

, 9:18 AM IST

Cleveland: In the most secured gathering in U.S patrolled by 3,000 police officers dozens of Americans packed heat as they openly carried weapons.

“I am not here for violence, I am here for peace. I would use it if I have to, in dire circumstances” said a citizen.

While guns are banned inside the republican national convention, police union is asking the govt. to ban them outside. The Governor replied, “I can’t. The right to bear arms in the U.S constitution”

One of the things that made the republican national convention of Cleveland in 2016 a little different from previous conventions is that people were seen carrying their weapons openly.

“We are here to support peace if anything goes wrong” an arm-bearer said.

On July 19 thousand of protestors have took to street in Cleveland to protest against Donald Trumph.
Meanwhile there are hundreds of people speaking in favour of Trumph including Todd Thomoson, a Trumph supporter who drove three days from Florida