Trump team slams Democrats for delaying Cabinet members

Trump team slams Democrats for delaying Cabinet members

Washington: The Trump Transition team today hit out at the Democratic Party in the US Senate for allegedly delaying the Congressional confirmation of key Cabinet members of the incoming administration, including Indian-American Nikki Haley, who have bipartisan support and are considered “consensus candidates”.

However, incoming White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer hoped that some of the key members of the Trump’s Cabinet would be confirmed by the Senate by Monday, the first working day after Trump is sworn-in as the 45th President of the United States tomorrow.

“Senator (Mitch) McConnell has been working tirelessly to get as many nominees confirmed as possible so that we’re ready to go. And as soon as Senator (Charles) Schumer and other Democrats are willing to work with him – but again, you look at the comments they made,” Spicer told reporters at a news conference.

“They came out with their so-called hit list. They’re individuals as I mentioned – Secretary Chao, Dr Ben Carson, Governor Nikki Halley – that weren’t on their political hit list. They are consensus candidates,” he asserted.

“And while every one of them is unbelievably qualified to lead this country in their respective department, the idea that they’re expanding this list and slowing down the continuity of government is unacceptable,” Spicer alleged.

The Democratic leadership in the Congress, he said, owe an explanation on those three individuals at the least.

“Why are they delaying Elaine Chao? Why are they not moving on Dr Ben Carson? Why are they not moving on Governor Nikki Haley?” he asked.

“There is no question over their qualifications, and I would agree that they should move all of them. But those individuals weren’t on their political hit list. Why are they holding up those three individuals in particular?” he said.

Spicer also refuted reports that Trump’s cabinet is not representative at all, citing Haley as the first Indian- American to serve in the presidential administration.