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Trump Win: Protests erupt in America

Trump Win: Protests erupt in America

“Not our president. F*** Trump”

Washington: Minutes after Trump was declared the 45th president of the United States, thousands of Anti- Trump protesters took to streets in Bay Area early Wednesday morning.

Roads were blocked and protestors chanted, “Not our president” and “F*** Trump.”

Protesters also burned Trump effigies, smashed windows of the Oakland Tribune newsroom, and set tires, trash and newspaper stands on fire in Oakland and Berkeley. The disturbance also forced BART officials to shut down the 12th Street Oakland City Center station.

“When our communities are under attack, what do we do? Stand up, fight back,” screamed protesters, walking through streets with their arms.

Police stopped protesters at Broadway and 8th Street in Oakland. One protester held a sign which read, “Trump is a fascist pig.”

Around 50 people refused to disperse. Others, however, turned back around and headed to Berkeley. No one was arrested.

“I’m angry, it’s hard to accept Trump to represent our country, it doesn’t represent the best part of country,” said Berkeley City College art major Devan Tevanbentuy.

Malini Ramaiyer, a Daily Californian reporter, said some screamed and booed as Trump snatched up electoral votes. “We, the rational people, are a minority now,” freshman Sean Betancourt told her.

People chanted, “Whose streets? Our streets,” Anderson Lanham, a UC Berkeley sophomore and reporter for the Daily Cal, said on Twitter.

“We are students of color and we will not be marginalized, we will not be silenced,” ICarillo said, according to Lanham’s Twitter page.

“We need to get organized … as a nation. We cannot have a Trump presidency. This is frightening.”

Students also used the hashtags #Berkprotest and #notmypresident.

In the South Bay, a demonstration raged at San Jose State University. Pajama-clad students crowded outside dorms, with one yelling, “I’m not giving up.” Noise complaints were filed as hundreds of protesters took to Tower Lawn, according to the Spartan Daily.

“The time for reform starts with us,” one student said to a chorus of cheers.
Another said she voted for Hillary Clinton, but her voice “was not heard” because many of her peers “did not do the same.”

“The people divided will never be divided.”
Students posted on Twitter that they planned to protest again at 4 p.m. Wednesday at the Malcolm X Plaza on campus.