Tuesday , April 25 2017
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Trump’s campaign reflects negativity: Clinton

WASHINGTON: Asserting that the US is the “best-placed” country in the world to seize the future, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has attacked her Republican rival Donald Trump for running a negative campaign as she embarked on a bus tour with her running mate.

“Donald Trump says America is weak, that we’re in decline. Well, all I can tell you is, we are the best-placed country in the world to seize the future,” she said in Hatfield, Pennsylvania, launching a three-day bus tour with her vice presidential running mate Tim Kaine in the swing states of Pennsylvania and Ohio.

68-year-old Clinton, who has been the secretary of state, first lady and senator, said her campaign is build on positive energy and alleged that Trump’s campaign reflects negativity.

“And if you’re looking for a kind of pessimistic, downbeat vision of America, we’re not your folks. We do not buy into that dark, divisive image that was presented at the Republican convention last week,” said Clinton, who is the first woman presidential candidate of a major political party.

In her maiden public appearance after officially accepting the presidential nomination of the party in Philadelphia at the party convention yesterday, Clinton questioned Trump’s claims on jobs creation and economy.

“Donald Trump goes around with that hat on, ‘Make America Great Again’. Everything he makes he makes somewhere else besides America. The only thing he makes in America are bankruptcies…,” he said.

“And it really is shocking. I didn’t know any of this before he became the leading Republican candidate. But then I started running into people who told me stories,” she said and and listed out some of the stories about Trump.

“I tell you those stories because if someone runs for president and says their primary qualification for being president is because they claim to be a successful businessman, then it’s only fair to ask, how did you become successful? We don’t resent success in America. But we do resent people who take advantage of others in order to line their own pockets on the way up,” Clinton said.

Joining Clinton, vice presidential nominee Kaine alleged that a lot of companies owned by Trump are pushing more and more jobs overseas.

“The American economy has climbed back up the ladder to climb out of it, but we have a long way to go,” Kaine said.

“She has laid out very clearly a set of strategies from the education strategies I talked about earlier to important strategies to make sure that those who are working are treated fairly in their benefits and their wages and also to investments to grow the economy, whether those be investments in innovation and research or investments in infrastructure to build the society that we want,” he said.