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Trump’s Dark Past: Journey from an Adult Actor to WWE Wrestler

Washington: Though Trump is known as a real-estate magnate and a self-professed business tycoon, but very few know about Trump’s unrevealed past. Trump’s alternative career list of the past includes:

  • The Playboy Cameo:

Trump did a cameo role in a Playboy movie back in 2000.

He has an acting credit next to his name for a 2000 Playboy movie titled Video Centerfold, where reports suggest that Trump, while surrounded by several Playboy playmates, pops open a champagne bottle and sprays it on a Playboy limousine in New York.

  • Punched Hard :

Trump has survived an attack from WWE legend Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Thousands of Anti- Trump citizens found solace when they found WWE Superstar Stone Cold Steve Austin hitting Donald Trump way too hard in 2007 at Wrestlemania XXIII.

  • The Show:

Trump starred in ‘The Apprentice’, his very own reality TV game show

In 2004, Donald was casted in the lead role as himself in ‘The Apprentice’, which went on to become a runaway hit on NBC and across the world, projecting Trump as a highly successful business tycoon.

He’s been the face of the show ever since for fourteen straight seasons, until last year when he had to suspend his participation to contest the US Presidential Election. For his tough businessman persona, he’s also been nominated for Emmy Awards twice.

  •  Faded Boxer:

In ‘80s Trump tried boxing as well ut couldn’t prove himself in field

  • Presidency:

This isn’t the first time Trump ran for the US Presidency.

He ran for Presidential elections back in 1999, became the Presidential Nominee for the Reform Party in 2000 and even won the party’s primary elections in the US states of California and Michigan.