Twitter war: Kejriwal accepts Amarinder’s Open debate challenge

Twitter war: Kejriwal accepts Amarinder’s Open debate challenge

New Delhi: An unusual Twitter war has been taken place between Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal and Amarinder Singh on Monday when Kejriwal, replied to Amarinder’s tweet, for holding a debate.

Amarinder tweeted, “Now that you’ve shot your mouth, don’t scoot like you typically do! Show courage & come for an open debate. Choose the time, place & platform.”

Delhi Chief Minister replied, “I accept ur challenge sir. I suggest 4 names- H S Phoolka, Jarnail Singh, Bhagwant or Gurpreet. Speaker, date, time, place of ur choice.”

Mr. Singh replied, “Punjabis believe in leading from the front, not hiding behind others.Or have you already accepted that you can’t face me for a public debate?”

And Kejriwal then tweeted, “I am not hiding behind anyone sir. I am ready for a debate with Rahul ji or Sonia ji anytime. Our Punjab team will debate wid u.”

AAP chief accused the Congress’ Punjab CM hopeful of using “drug money” in his campaign.“Sir, ppl talking in Punjab that u using (Bikram Singh) Majithia’s drug money in ur campaign. Is it true? U had saved him from CBI enquiry 3 yrs back (sic),” Kejriwal tweeted.

The Punjab Congress chief said Kejriwal is “seeing stars during the day”.

“When your hopes crash from 100 to 30 & still sliding, you’re bound to hallucinate & see things that don’t exist,” Singh tweeted.