Thursday , August 24 2017
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Two great boons of Modi; smart emotion and weak opposition

Two great boons of Modi; smart emotion and weak opposition

Shahnawaz Ahmad,

The ongoing session of parliament exposes the weakest opposition since independence. Obviously with the secure majority in the Lok Sabha, the BJP seems to have thwarted till now every attack by the opposition on its policies and moreover the ruling party does not mind, leave alone taking action, the opposition parties call to bring the PM to respond to question of national interest.

Emboldened by the leak in the opposition, the ruling party is going all out to make any policy announcement which suits its own agenda ignoring the masses real needs.

The recent demonetisation announcement by our PM without taking into consideration its fallout and in between many hiccups while executing the move and the opposition not able to take a call on the government shows how the current opposition parties are lost and are in disarray.

Believe me if Manmohan Singh had ordered this half baked and ill planned demonetisation, the BJP would have let hell loose on him.

Reports of the demonetisation fallout (people queuing up for up to 5 hours to withdraw their own money, deaths and unimaginable miseries, the common people facing the greatest hardship since independence barring emergency), the damaging of economy and unfavourable evaluation by world media of the move, was an opportunity the opposition parties around the world would dream of which the present opposition party in our country look set to waste. Having the nation lined up in a queue for its own money through an unplanned and casual act could not have been a better opportunity for them to tear the government to ribbons.

The preset four opposition faces with substance among others like Arvind Kejariwal, Nitish Kumar, Mamta Banerjee and Rahul Gandhi have their own limitations.

Arvind Kejariwal, the Delhi Chief Minister is always hounded by the present Union government and is projected as a staunch Modi hater to belittle his worthful attacks. He is projected as an immature politician who has no other job but to comment on Modi’s policy anyway.

As for Nitish Kumar,he is good at governance but never good at opposition.Moreover, his support to demonetisation has emboldened the present government.

As for Mamta Banerjee, she is talented and posses great capacity to mobilise the opposition but suffers from not knowing Hindi well.

Rahul Gandhi, the present scion of Gandhi family is entrusted to revive the Congress party lacks the ability to convince and move the masses. There is deliberate all round personal attack on him which further blunts his move.

On the other hand, the ruling party led by Narendra Modi has been blessed in having the most convincing speaker in Indian politics. He knows how to play with the emotions as on many occasions of far reaching consequence he chose to put his emotions forward to show bond with the masses rather really coming to the rescue of the citizen of the country.

Modi seems to be the only PM of the country since independent India who uses his emotions smartly to make masses believe of his action rather than their substance of the actions. He seems to be the master of knowing Indian public pulse rather than their actual need.

It remains to be seen how long he is able to sway the public opinion in his favour with these two gifts—his smart emotions and weak opposition.

Courtesy: MM