Two senile, sick persons vying for the Presidency of the biggest Super Power

, 1:12 PM IST

(Dr. Javed Jamil)This is a strange American election to elect the President of the country. Two senile candidates, both sick, physically and mentally, one surely much more than the other, are vying for the highest post of the biggest Super Power. The competition between them is to find who is relatively less sick, and who is relatively better in terms of future peace within the country and outside.

Both are protagonists of violence, one known for being partner in America-supported civil wars that have already killed more than five hundred thousand, the other promises much greater violence not only against the external “enemies” but also the American “enemies” of “American values”. The world is watching with horror. Who ultimately emerges triumphant is a question that no pundit can answer right now.

But what is certain is that whoever wins, the world faces prospects of another round of destruction of human lives and property. If an individual Dajjal is to appear, the world will wait to see; but if a country has acted Dajjal in recent decades, the answer is not difficult to find.

God save the world!